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Author name: sandip Pokharel


Global Standard

Pathshala, as always, is determined to foster not only knowledge development of learners but also their multiple intelligence and to cultivate the sentiment of global changes and challenges. Pathshala’s effort is to disseminate values based global education. Literally saying, they are going to live in a borderless global world where there will be thousands of opportunities and hundreds of fire tests. School, students and parents/guardians have equal responsibility to empower them to meet these ambitious goals. We simply offer that environment of learning in caring hands.


Value Based Learning

Values – based Education is not a new subject. It is considered as a positive approach of school to promote human values by incorporating relevant teaching-learning process. There are evidences that adaptation of this approach has enabled schools and individuals to bring qualitative improvement in pupil attitude and behaviours. That ultimately brings out good academic results and creates less stressful working – environment for teachers and parents, too. Therefore, Pathshala has emphasized on values- based Education from the day of its establishment through focus on Values in every subject based teaching – learning procedures and Assemblies. To give more supportive inspiration to individuals, we have Values- Education classes with specific Curriculum. We believe that this kind of school’s approach will help our pupil to develop ways to be aware of personal, social, moral and spiritual values.


Winter Schedule – 2075

Date: 2075/07/30 Dear parents and guardians, ‘Winter Schedule’ starts from 3rd Mangsir, 2075 i.e. pick up time is half an hour late in the morning. Assembly starts at 9:00 am. There is no change in evening time. Regards Principals


School Resumes

Dear parents/guardians, School opens from tomorrow for all Grades. Note ✍️ : Morning support class of Grade IX & X will start from coming Sunday(11th Kartik). Thank you!


Happy Vijaya Dashami 2075

Dear parents/guardians, Holiday for Dashain starts from tomorrow, 24th Ashoj till 7th Kartik. School reopens on 8th Kartik for all grades. Happy Vijaya Dashami 2075!


Recognition of ability and interest

Pathshala believes that every individual child has many possibilities. Educating him/her is not merely to train to read and write, but developing the habit of learning, instilling curiosity and shaping him/her a decent person are some important components. Modern Researches in Psychology, Education and Sociology have proven that a person is what he or she experienced, learnt and perceived in his childhood be it at school or home or community. In Pathshala various clubs, groups are formed according the interest, ability and inherent capabilities of the students into various areas.


Club System

Clubs are formed with the objective of promoting overall development of students: Social Club Music Club Arts /Crafts Club Environmental Club Sports Club Literature Club (English/Nepali) Dance Club Drama Club Volunteer Club The vision is to develop the hidden talents of students in these fields. It also aims at the life-skill development of the students. Clubs run different programmes to raise awareness and develop related skills with coordination to Academic Coordinator/ ECA/ Language Arts Coordinator respectively.


Practical Learning Experience

Pathshala believes that the process of learning should be enjoyable, active, meaningful and practical for everyone involved. We recognize that our students come to us with a wide variety of learning styles, academic abilities, and creative skills, linguistic and cultural experiences. As a result, we employ practical teaching methods that are child oriented, creative, varied and flexible. We engage them in appropriate, justifiable, risk taking and confident activity, which link various subjects with an object. In contrast to explicit knowledge, which helps us ‘know what’, Practical knowledge is something that we often can’t learn by reading books; it is acquired by addressing real problems and practice, it relates to experience, ideals, intuition, values, creative thinking, emotions, skills and attitudes. Therefore, Pathshala focus on practical learning, which can be a critical input in the learning process. Different Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are performed in the form of various contests and competitions, exhibitions, fare and fete, etc. in or outside the school. Participation in Outdoor Education is encouraged through various seminars and programmes organized by different organizations, documentary /movie watch, community service, hiking, annual community study, etc.


Action, Team, and Partnership

Pathshala forms Action Team for Partnership (ATP) in every academic session. ATP consist of one elected or nominated candidate among Parents from each class and school management representatives. This body facilitates as the bridge between school and parents in areas i.e. Field Trips, Resource Persons, ECA activities, celebration of events, ventilating grievances and parenting with communities. Parents are encouraged to communicate, cooperate and serve through ATP. This committee also offers varieties of workshop on parenting issues for parents of this school. Parents of this school will be involved in six different areas: Parenting Communication Volunteering Decision Making Learning at home Community services

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