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Pathshala Pre-Uni Program (Grade IX-XII)

In addition to following the prescribed curriculum of the National Education Board (NEB), Pathshala Pre-Uni Program integrates global standards of education that ensure the qualities of curiosity, knowledge, self-reliance, introspection, and compassion. Pre-Uni Program incorporates moral, emotional, social, and cognitive learning styles in teaching-learning methods. 

Pathshala Pre-Uni Program offers a diverse range of subjects and flexibility in subject choice for students in Grade XI, specifically in Science, Management, and Humanities. Right from Grade IX, students can choose from a variety of elective subjects including Accounting, Computer Science, Economics, and Mathematics. This allows them to start exploring their interests and passions from an early stage. Pathshala continues to provide students with opportunities for exploration and expression, fostering a progressive learning environment. 

Courses Offered

We offer the following subjects in Grade XI and XII.

Students will select three subjects, one from each optional group. They can also select one more subject from the remaining option as an extra credit.

Compulsory Subjects
Social Studies and Life Skill Education OR Mathematics
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Procedural Law
General Law
Business Studies
Environment Science
Jurisprudence and Legal
Computer Science
Constitutional Law
Mass Communication

Why Pre-Uni Program
at Pathshala

Pathshala Pre-Uni Program (Grade XI & XII) helps to shape the future of young minds with a unique blend of global standards and national values.

Comprehensive Approach

Pathshala Pre-Uni Program integrates both national and international educational standards, including those of NEB, IB, and CAIE, providing students with a well-rounded and globally recognized education.

Values-Based Learning

Inspired by the ethos of "Sarthak Sikshya: Sarthak Jiwan," the program emphasizes value-based education, nurturing students' interaction skills, life skills, and critical thinking abilities alongside academic knowledge.

Global Competency Development

Through a curriculum designed to foster a deep understanding of diverse cultures, communication, and global competencies, Pathshala Pre-Uni Program prepares students to thrive in an interconnected world.

Lifelong Learning Vision

The program's vision is to transform students into lifelong learners who can actively engage in and contribute to the global community while upholding national values, empowering them to utilize their full potential in all aspects of life.


Beyond the Classroom: Life Experience

At Pathshala Pre-Uni Program, we believe that education extends far beyond textbooks, enriching students with real-world experiences, skills, and perspectives essential for their holistic development and success in life.

Our programs


Internship Opportunities
– Banks, Hospitals and Public Schools

Students have the chance to gain practical experience in various sectors such as banks, hospitals, and public schools, enhancing their skills and understanding of real-world work environments.

Student Exchange Programs
- Home and Abroad

Through both domestic and international exchanges, students broaden their cultural horizons, forge meaningful connections, and develop a global perspective essential for thriving in today’s interconnected world.

Higher Education Support

Pathshala Pre-Uni provides counselling, exam prep, and career guidance in various fields

College Application Process – Home and Abroad

For Bachelors’ Level education

Competitive Exams and Career Counselling

Medical, Engineering, CA, Business & Law

University Exchange Program Support

Exchange of students with universities for short term courses and internships

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Pre-Uni Prospectus

Pre-Uni Prospectus

Pre-Uni Admission Form

Grade XI Admission Form

Parents' Handbook

Parents' Handbook

Term I Calendar

Term I Calendar

Our Teachers

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