Pathshala Pre-Uni Program (Grade XI-XII)

Pathshala Nepal Foundation, applauded for its 17 glorious years of contribution to quality school-education, has been running Pathshala Pre-Uni Program (Grade XI & XII) since 2021 AD. Motivated by the ethos “Sarthak Sikshya: Sarthak Jiwan”, Pathshala Pre-Uni Program passes on value-based education, enhancing every student’s interaction skill, life skills, and critical thinking abilities. Our program includes a thorough understanding of a wide range of global competencies and broadens the learners’ knowledge of diverse cultures and communication. Along with the prescribed curriculum of the National

Education Board (NEB), Pathshala Pre-Uni Program incorporates the principles of the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE): cognitive, social, emotional, and moral approaches to education, ensuring the attributes of inquisitiveness, knowledge, self-reliance, reflection, and care among the students.

Our Vision

Pathshala Pre-Uni Program envisions transforming young students into life-long learners, capable of acquiring, demonstrating, and appreciating knowledge and skills that will enable them to participate in and impart national values to the global world by utilizing their full potential.

Our Mission

The mission of this program is to develop every aspect of academic and social life of students in a caring, supportive, stimulating, and challenging environment in order to achieve the school’s motto, “Sarthak Sikshya: Sarthak Jiwan.”

Courses Offered






Beyond the Classroom: Life Experiences

Community Service

We motivate our students to value their communities and contribute constructively to the society as a whole. Compassion is one of our key values, and students are given opportunities to discover the actual meaning of socialization. Grade XI students are involved in a 40-hour community service so as to acquaint themselves with the local community.

International Tour

In order to make our students familiar with global settings and scenarios in relation to diverse cultures, religions, languages and heritage, they are taken on an international tour every year.

Business Tour

Business tours to different corporate houses, industries, and state-owned enterprises.

Physics Tour

Physics students are taken to various industrial estates to study about mechanism, technological infrastructure, and other scientific advances and discoveries.

 IT Tour

Students are given exposure to different technologies and innovations through domestic and international expos.

Biology Tour: 

The objective of the tour is to provide the students with real and experimental exposure to flora and fauna to understand the natural world better from an environmental perspective.


Student Exchange Programs – Home and Abroad

Business Club

Internship Opportunities – Banks, Hospitals and Public Schools 



College Application Process – Home and Abroad

For Bachelors’ Level education


Competitive Exams and Career Counselling

Medical, Engineering, CA, Business & Law

University Exchange Program Support

Exchange of students with universities for short term courses and internships