Anita Tamang
Pathshala Baneshwor

Bishwonath Kandel
Pathshala Bagdol

Welcome to Pathshala, a learning organization that thrives always to learn the best practices in local and global context and keep transforming itself as a whole institution!

Pathshala is the institution that believes in providing opportunities and environment for children to aspire for high achievement with practice of values. Pathshala Team is well aware of the fact that every individual child has innate potential that has to be identified and nurtured in time. Therefore, it is well prepared to encourage every student’s insightful learning with confidence and skills.

The vision and implementation strategies for progress of this institution has inspired many which encouraged us to perform better every year with wider innovations and deep-commitment day in and day out. This also has enabled us to gain the trust of children, their parents and guardians and many well-wishers of the society. Their support and wishes have made us thrive more for the best outcome and move ahead. Pathshala successfully sent the nine batches of SLC/SEE graduates.

Pathshala, as always, is determined to foster not only knowledge development of learners but also their multiple intelligence and to cultivate the sentiment of global changes and challenges. Such achievements are possible only through the inspiring and able faculty members. Only they can transform the motto of the school, ‘meaningful education for meaningful life’, into the reality. Therefore, we value the welfare of our teachers by providing better working environment and opportunities to grow professionally as well as personally. We encourage them to use the best resources and their best experiences.

We assure that Pathshala is all set for the new years ahead with new endeavors towards the new height of achievements! We welcome all to work and walk hand in hand with us in creating a new meaningful sensation in the world of learners! Let us all come together to render our part of meaningful contribution to the society, nation and the world.

We welcome you at Pathshala at New Baneshwor or Bagdol to discover what we offer and what really makes Pathshala an appropriate school for your child.