Dear Parents/Guardians

As the saying goes “Well begun is half done”, Pathshala is a school opened with well-tailored vision and mission with action followed by. The team of Pathshala believes that a child has many possibilities. Educating him/her is not merely to train to read and write, but a lot more than that. Developing the habit of learning, instilling curiosity and shaping him/her a decent person are some important components. At the same time, it is a challenging job. Modern Researches in Psychology, Education and Sociology have proven that a person is what he experienced, learnt and perceived in his childhood be it at school or home or community.

In accordance with the time and value of world order at present, every individual is to be prepared to play the best part in his life/career. Success in career and failure in family as well as life are common instances of modern developed world, A child has to internalize from the very beginning that cooperation and love should begin from our side first.

Pathshala’s endeavor is to disseminate value based global education. Literally saying, they are going to live in a borderless global world where there will be thousands of opportunities and hundreds of fire tests. To meet these ambitious goals: School, students and parents/guardians have equal responsibility. Pathshala Family is determined to attain that goal.

Ishwor Adhikari
Chief Executive Officer


New Baneshwor and Bagdol, Lalitpur



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