Rachana Dhakal


“In my capacity as a teaching faculty serving for around the decade is indeed my great pleasure and honour to be associated with this esteemed organization which carries a high degree of moral values, integrity and socio-emotional aspects of many beloved students over the years. My profound gratitude to the respected parents and the entire management for their invaluable support and guidance on our journey towards the overall growth and development of our children”

English Teacher

prajwal thapa

Prajwal Thapa


“ An incredible school with practical approach of quality learning and comprehensive curriculum. A school which looks forward towards building multidimensional and competent citizens for the global world. An abode where you will get to experience the finest meaning of practical education and will actually live to the fullest.”


Upasan Shrestha


“Working in Pathshala for 14 years has made an impact on me to state that we look to make positive differences in the lives of students apart from the grades. Its a platform which provides us opportunity to exercise our creativity, patience and communication skills as we present our engaging lessons. Pathshala has always inspired us to be a mentor and role model so that the students will be driven by our commitment and develop their unique talent and intellect. This way PNF sets us to our common goal, our motto ‘Meaningful education for meaningful life’. ”


Udgam Bhattarai

Alumni Student

“ My 10 years as a student in Pathshala has been a very amazing experience. In the very homely and comfortable environment that Pathshala has provided each and every student, I’ve embraced my skills and my specialities. I is only because of the love, warmth and opportunities that Pathshala has provided me, I’ve bruly become a better and more responsible individual. ”