Student Assessment

The school continually monitors children’s progress and saving pieces of work selected by both teachers and pupils in a record of achievement file. Each child’s portfolio is maintained and further discussed with child and parents. This gives a record of your child progress and also reinforces the message that his/her work is valuable and worth keeping. All children have annual reports and there is parents- teacher conference, as and when necessary, to give you an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with his/her teachers.

Special Need Program

Children with special educational needs make excellent progress and achieve well in relation to their abilities when they are well supported by classroom assistants, outside specialists and parents both in class and in withdrawal groups. We have school counselor for special need children. You will be informed in time if your child needs special care in study and other academic activities.

Attendance Procedure

Attendance is one of the vital promotion criteria in our school. The child should maintain 95% attendance of the total class days. Any child who fails to maintain attendance should apply for attendance review to the board of directors. The board has right to waive this criterion for the promotion procedure. If your child is absent a telephone call or note on the first morning explaining must be sent explaining why it was needed. If it is necessary for your child to visit the doctor or dentist during school hours, once again a note or phone call is required. If your child is absent for a long time the teacher will, if you ask, supply some suitable work for him/her to do. If, for any reason you need to take your child out of school during school time it is vital that you inform the class teacher and information desk.